Geek Gaming Snax


Geek Gaming Snax - from Vegetate, Vegan Cooking and Food Blog

Sun-dried Tomato Olive Spread (with pumpkin seeds) on crostini, from ExtraVeganZa, page 11, and Ryan’s Mushroom Poppers, from The Vegan Table, page 256. The roasted mushrooms were stuffed with Fakin’ Bakin’, Tofutti cream cheese, and chives. Served with grapes, nuts, and store-bought choco-cherry-cream cupcakes. To fortify the heroes and the Overlord through the “Descent: Sea of Blood” campaign. Best game evah!

3 thoughts on “Geek Gaming Snax

  1. Linda.I just read how you became vegan.After all these years i never really knew.Your blog is really interesting.Love you,Mom K.

  2. I would surely enjoy munchy-wunching on these delicious items whilst playing Frogger on my Atari 2600.

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