Carrot Muffins


Carrot Muffins ~ From vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

From Vegan with a Vengeance, page 46. We substituted spelt flour for regular wheat flour and agave for sugar. We didn’t have any raisins (which the recipe calls for) but these were fluffy, moist, and delicious nonetheless. These are the perfect breakfast muffins!

Carrot factoids:
The Ancient Greeks called the carrot a philtron, which translates to “love charm.” They believed the carrot made both men and women more amorous. These muffins were lovely, indeed! 😉

The scene from the movie It Happened One Night in which Clark Gable leans nonchalantly against a fence eating carrots while talking to Claudette Colbert inspired the creators of Bugs Bunny to give him the same nonchalant, carrot-eating demeanor.

7 thoughts on “Carrot Muffins

  1. I once charmed a platinum level Naga with a bushel of Philtrons before activating a glyph for 3 xp and stealing his treasure! They work everytime!

    • Thanks Joe! We just got lucky this time… we used spelt flour, too, which seems to be a bit lighter than regular wheat flour since it is lower in gluten. 🙂

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