Ocean’s Blueberry Orange Muffins


Blueberry Orange Muffins ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

“Animals do not ‘give’ their life to us, as the sugar-coated lie would have it. No, we take their lives. They struggle and fight to the last breath, just as we would do if we were in their place.”John Robbins

The recipe for these bursting-with-pure-sunshine muffins is from the incredible book May All Be Fed, written by one of my greatest heroes and the reason I became vegan, Mr. John Robbins. This recipe is named after his son, Ocean.

If you like blueberries and oranges and oats then these are the muffins for you (and me!). We poured some of the batter into our Le Creuset heart ramekins and made giant lovey-dovey versions. We also substituted spelt flour for regular wheat flour for lower-gluten muffins. Keith enjoyed these with an espresso made using his coveted Alessi espresso maker.

Blueberry Facts: Blueberries contain significant quantities of both antibacterial and antiviral compounds, and have a reputation in northern Europe of fighting infections. They may also help protect against heart disease.

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