Persimmon Blondies


Persimmon Blondies ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

“If it be not ripe, it will draw a man’s mouth awry, with much torment, but when it is ripe, it is as delicious as an apricot.”Captain John Smith (who’s life was twice saved by Pocahontas) on persimmons

From the inspiring cookbook Vegan Desserts, by Hannah Kaminsky, page 151. This “best-blondie-everrrr” recipe uses hachiya persimmons, five-spice powder, chocolate chips, and walnuts. We ate these every day for both breakfast AND dessert until they were gone because they were so yummy. I only wish persimmons were in season year-round so we could make these more often.

Captain Smith’s quote above is true, too! Hachiya persimmons should be eaten when they are very soft. If you’ve ever taken a bite out of a crunchy one you will know what starchiness and bitterness are all about, but if you let them ripen in a paper bag until they are nice and mushy you will taste pure heaven.

3 thoughts on “Persimmon Blondies

    • I know, it really was! Hannah Kaminsky, who wrote the cookbook that this recipe is from, is really talented at coming up with fabulous and unusual flavor combinations. 🙂

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