Voluptuous Pumpkin Pie


Voluptuous Pumpkin Pie ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog
“I don’t want to spend my life not having good food going into my pie hole. That hole was made for pies.”
Paula Deen

I may not see eye to eye with Paula Deen about most things, but I have to agree with her when it comes to pie. This delectable delight is from Vegan Pie in the Sky by Isa Chandra Moscowitz and Terry Romero, page 155.

We roasted a couple of cute little sugar pie pumpkins so we could use fresh, seasonal pumpkin instead of the canned stuff. We also doubled the crust recipe to make an extra-thick crust and some pie dough cinnamon-sugar stars to bake on top. We topped the pie off with Soyatoo Soy Whip (which I love!), but for a soy-free version you could substitute cashew cream for the whipped topping and substitute a different dairy-free milk for the soy milk that this recipe calls for. We used omega-rich and creamy hemp milk. We baked two pies and enjoyed them for breakfast and dessert until they were gone. They were so delicious, I still want more!

Pumpkin Pie Fact: Every year 50 million pumpkin pies are made using canned pumpkin puree. Why not eliminate the can (pumpkins aren’t grown in cans) and try making a pie using fresh pumpkin this year? It is really easy to do, tastes much better, is much more nutrient-dense, and fresh pumpkins are BPA-free unlike most food cans these days. Here’s how to roast a pumpkin for a pie, and here’s how to roast the pumpkin seeds (a tasty bonus not found in cans). 😉

24 thoughts on “Voluptuous Pumpkin Pie

  1. Did you get the Soyatoo Soy Whip in a spray can? We tried this once when it just came out and it didn’t work. We got a little out and then we only got liquid… We were so disappointed we never went back to test again. ha-ha Sorry, just wondering. 🙂 I love Isa’s recipe too for Pumpkin Pie – but then again everything she touches is wonderful 🙂

    • Hi GenkiKitty! I have tried the Soyatoo Soy Whip in a spray can. It tastes delicious, but as you said not that much came out of the spray can. It seemed to run out of steam before the cream ran out. I felt guilty about purchasing it because of all of the packaging (the can and the plastic spray valve and lid) for just a little bit of whipped cream, so I was thrilled when Soyatoo released the boxed version of their whipped cream. It might not look as fancy as a spray cream but it comes in minimal, recyclable packaging, which is always pretty fancy to me. 😉

    • Mmmmm, I LOVE cashew cream! We usually just soak as many cashews as we think we’ll need in water overnight. Then we drain the cashews and put them in the blender, fill the blender to the top of the cashews with more water, add some vanilla and agave nectar to taste, and blend it all up like crazy. I think the key to fluffy cashew cream is adding enough water and whipping it a lot. It’s always helpful to keep it in the blender in the fridge and whip it up some more before serving, which fluffs it up some more. 🙂

      • Thanks! I did not do the two things you mentioned to help keep it fluffy! It was very good, though. I will definitely be making this again for the Holiday Season. I will make sure and add more water and whip it more before serving next time!

          • Ha! Ha! I’m checking in on WordPress–eating leftover cranberry salad and cashew whipped cream. I love it too! For lunch today, I threw some in a skillet, diluted it and threw in leftover turkey! My kids thought I was tops since they never get cream sauce anymore. I am SO excited about this find! I feel like Athena! Watch out, diet, here we come! (Sorry. I never can contain my thoughts very well.)

            • Mmmmmm, cranberry salad with cashew whipped cream??? Sounds dreamy, “Athena”! 😉 Such a GREAT idea to use the leftover cashew cream in a savory cream sauce, too. You are making me very hungry and I think that you should open up your own restaurant. 🙂

    • Hi Sothislife! I really like your blog and look forward to your future musings. 🙂 Thank you very much for following Vegetate. I hope you enjoy my posts, especially since you aren’t vegan. 😉

      • I have some medical issues that limit what I can eat…so I’m hoping to find some things in your blog. Only allowed beef once a month. Chicken anytime which i don’t like except chicken salad and limited turkey. No pork. And actually some vegetables I’m not allowed. I eat a lot of chicken salad…lol.

  2. Ooo…fresh is definitely best! And since it’s so easy to do (I steam-cook mine in the microwave, only a few minutes, and the skins come right off), there’s really no excuse to get cans.

    • Ooooh, great tip about microwaving the pumpkin Shannon, thank you! My apartment is so cold during wintertime I usually opt for the oven method as an excuse to warm up my kitchen, ha ha!

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