Rustic Italian Soup


Rustic Italian Soup ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

“I was offered a free villa in Hollywood, but I said no thank you, I prefer to live in Italy.”Ennio Morricone

I love to make wholesome vegetable soups like this one to have for lunch throughout the week because they are chock full of energy-and-health-promoting vitamins and minerals. When you make soup yourself instead of buying it in cans you are eating fresher, more nutrient-dense foods and you know exactly what ingredients you are putting into that pot of soup. When you cook your soup from scratch you can ensure that it contains no industrial chemicals, pesticides, and weird food additives, and if you’ve made too much you can always freeze it for later. Here’s a great article called The Truth About Canned Soup, from Rodale News. I  realize that most people take advantage of the convenience of canned foods sometimes, myself included. I just try to cook from scratch as much as possible. It is also very economical to cook your own soups at home. It seriously costs pennies on the dollar compared to the canned stuff. There is something so gratifying about making soup. I love stirring it over a hot stove (especially during the colder months), and it’s always fun to experience how the combining of a certain set of ingredients in a soup pot can transform into such a tasty brew. It’s like alchemy!

This delectable Rustic Italian Soup recipe is from Ann Gentry’s fantastic book, The Real Food Daily Cookbook, page 87. If you are ever in Los Angeles, I highly recommend a trip to the Real Food Daily restaurant, which has been in business since 1993. Everything on the menu is vegan, organic, and delicious!

Bean Facts: Ancient Romans held beans and legumes in such high esteem that Rome’s leading families took their names from them: Lentullus (lentil), Piso (pea), Cicero (chickpea), and Fabius (fava).

10 thoughts on “Rustic Italian Soup

  1. Hooray for Lindi’s fabulous homemade soups! You said it, canned is for the birds! And what a cool quote from Morricone!

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