Strawberry Kanten


Strawberry Kanten ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

“Life is short. Eat dessert first.” — Mark Twain

This sweet little gem of a recipe is from The Real Food Daily Cookbook by Ann Gentry, page 225. Gentry describes kanten as “A healthy person’s Jell-O.” This was such a fruity and refreshing treat! The kanten is sweetened only with apple juice. We piled vegan whipped cream on top, which sort of negated the healthfulness of that, but it was doggone delicious! 😉

Strawberry Fact: Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, and manganese.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Kanten

  1. Better yet, start the day with dessert! (I used to do that. Don’t anymore. Wish that I could still, though, and not feel it!) Love the strawberry spoon! Where do you pick these things up!? No matter! Love it!

    • You know, I like the cut of your jib HSD! Dessert for breakfast, now that’s living. I know what you mean about feeling it though. One stack of pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and I’m cranky and ready for a nap. 😉 Thanks for your sweet (literally) comment, and have a funtabulous weekend!

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