Sweet Pea Ravioli


Sweet Pea Ravioli ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

“With Fellini, the fear dropped out of my work because it was such a happy experience… hanging out with Fellini, having pasta on the set with Fellini, and going out with Fellini!” Terence Stamp

If you are craving some really good home made pasta then I highly recommend this delectable recipe from Great Chefs Cook Vegan, by Linda Long, page 90.

These tasty pasta pockets are filled with shallots, peas, tofu and served over a bed of pea cream made from peas, asparagus, baby spinach and soft tofu.

Then we drizzled them with a spicy, garlicky chili oil, and sprinkled caramelized shallots on top.

We made extra large raviolis using a 3″ cutter.

Ravioli Fact: The literal translation of  the word ravioli derives from the Italian verb ravvolgere, meaning ‘to wrap’. So ravioli is a form of the Italian verb ‘to wrap’ as the filling is wrapped in pasta.

Potato & Leek “Risotto” w/Chanterelles & Spinach


Potato & Leek "Risotto" w/Chanterelles & Spinach - From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

I just love the cookbook Great Chefs Cook Vegan by Linda Long. This healthy and scrumptious gourmet recipe is on page 16. Being a mushroom fanatic I was excited to see that this recipe called for chanterelles, porcinis, AND shiitakes, as well as white wine, shallots, leeks, potatoes, thyme, and spinach. This dish is perfect for those cool and cloudy autumn days. It will definitely warm you up inside! I recommend eating a nice big bowl with some gluten-free bread (as shown above) before curling up with a blanket (and a warm kitty if you have one about) on the couch to read a great book and then take a little nap.