Marjoram & Peppercorn Brie


Marjoram & Peppercorn Brie ~ From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

“Brother Ben, this is the best damn sandwich I ever ate, it’s a baguette, with brie and butter, had four of these damn things every day I was there. (he reaches in and finds another one) Got a couple left – here, try one.”  Jerry from David Lynch & Mark Frost’s masterpiece, Twin Peaks

Even the mice loved the vegan brie that we made using Miyoko Schinner’s inspired recipe from her newest cookbook Artisan Vegan Cheese, page 12.

This smooth and creamy cheese is made using cashews, coconut oil, and rejuvelac, which is full of probiotics. We made two big wheels of cheese but we ate most of it before we got around to taking this picture because it was truly tasty and went down nicely with some bread, apples, and kombucha.

We followed Miyoko’s recipe advice and made one wheel of peppercorn and one herb wheel (in our case, fresh marjoram).

Cashew Cheesecake w/Raspberries


Cashew Cheesecake w/Raspberries - From Vegetate, Vegan Cooking & Food Blog

From The Now and Zen Epicure, page 217. Recipe doubled – because who wants only 1 cheesecake? We substituted agave for the honey, since we’re vegan. 🙂 We also skipped the orange glaze and topped the cakes off with fresh raspberries. This was so rich and tasty… I’d like to make it again soon!